XS Scuba Mikros Mask

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Mikros Mask

  • The Mikros Mask is an ultra-low volume freediving mask. This minimalistic, well-fitted mask incorporates all the latest in mask technology.

    • Super lightweight due to its impact-resistant, polycarbonate lenses

    • Unique, angled, side lenses expand the freediver’s peripheral vision

    • The lenses are UV400 and have an anti-scratch, anti-fog coating

    • Folds down flat for compact storage

    • Patented, quick-release, swivel buckles allow for easy installation, detachment, and adjustment

    • A soft patch of silicone located on both sides of the nose pocket makes it easier to pinch your nose to equalize your ears during descent

    NOTE: Do not scrub or pretreat polycarbonate lenses with any abrasive products such as toothpaste, Sea Buff™, Soft Scrub™, or similar products.

    MA520BS (Black Silicone)
    MA520BU (Blue Silicone)
    MA520WH (White Silicone)