Oceanic+ Dive Housing

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Now you can use your iPhone as both an underwater camera and dive computer!

Oceanic+ Dive Housing allows you to take great photos with automatic color-correction on your iPhone when diving or during any water adventure.

With the Oceanic+ app and Dive Housing, your iPhone also becomes a fully-functional dive computer.

One app, one subscription, two devices! With the Oceanic+ app, you can use the same subscription for both the Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone. This allows you to have two units sharing the same subscription to save you money. It also provides greater redundancy for diving with both the Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone with Oceanic+ Dive Housing. At the end of each dive, the primary computer will be selected for your dive data.

Oceanic+ Dive Housing is compatible with iPhone SE (2nd generation) and up

iOS 16 and newer

iPhone 14 Pro Max iPhone 13 Mini iPhone 11
iPhone 14 Pro iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone Xs Max
iPhone 14 Plus iPhone 12 Pro iPhone Xs
iPhone 14 iPhone 12 iPhone Xr
iPhone 13 Pro Max iPhone 12 Mini iPhone X
iPhone 13 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone SE (3rd Generation)
iPhone 13 iPhone 11 Pro iPhone SE (2nd Generation)