Metal Impact Cylinders

Metal Impact Cylinders

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Metal Impact Scuba Cylinders

Comprehensive range of scuba cylinders for high-pressure use.

  • Colors: Brushed No Coat, Brushed Clear Coat, Metallic Red, Metallic Black, Metallic Purple, Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Yellow, Natural Finish, Shot Blast, White
  • Please note, not all Cylinders available in all colors (Please call for availability)

Cleaned at the factory for use of 40% pre-blended nitrox (excluding valve)

p/n AL50 - $XXX.00 ea

p/n AL63 - $XXX.00 ea

p/n AL80 - $XXX.00 ea

p/n ALN80 - $XXX.00 ea

p/n AL100 - $XXX.00 ea

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