Light & Motion SOLA Video PRO LE

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Precision engineered to deliver professional performance in a compact, travel-friendly platform. Sola Video Flood models feature a chip-on-board LED array to create high-quality illumination with the widest beam angle possible for stunning imagery. The advanced optical design lights subjects evenly without hot spots and allows greater latitude for camera positioning. The new Sola Pro LE builds on the Sola 3800’s impressive design by including a dome port optic for a class-leading 110° diffused beam angle.

• 3800 lumen flood output certified to the FL-1 Standard
• Dome Port Optic increases beam angle and softens light fall-off at edges preferred for wide-angle shooters
• Depth Rated to 100 meters
• Fast Charge system fully recharges the Li-ion battery 1 hr 45 min
• Includes 1" Ball Mount (1/2" LocLine & YS Mounts Available)

• Ball Mount, 12v Power Supply & Zippered Bag