Edge Fusion XD BCD XLarge (New)

Edge Fusion XD BCD XLarge (New)

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The Fusion BCD utilizes a unique "Hybrid" air cell to provide a diver with the most comfortable and appropriate body poistion whether swimming under the surface or lazily floating on the surface. The Fusion's "Hybrid" air cell is comprised of a small mini-wing positioned around the tank and over the center of the divers back as well as a larger under the arm wrap around air cell. The amount of air a diver adds to the BCD and the divers orientation in the water will determine whether air is directed and held in the back area mini wing, trapped in the wrap around cell under the diver's arms, or both. As a result of this air positioning and control the diver is able to achieve an ideal horizontal body position under the water with a minimum amount of air added for nuetral bouyancy or a more head up orientation at the surface for head up face up floating on the surface. The Fusion also provides the diver great fit and comfort, it utilizes rigid back plate the tank attaches to but doesnt sacrifice comfort using generous foam padding on the back, shoulder straps, and a rolled neoprene neck collar. Large zippered pockets and stainless steel D-rings provide plenty of options for carrying or clipping off those needed accessories and pieces of equipment. The Fusion also uses 2 quick release weight pockets, each capable of carrying up to 10lbs, and 2 non-ditchable trim pockets on the back of the BCD to assist the diver in achieving ideal weighting and bouyancy control.


• Mini  wing chamber on back of BCD positions the diver in a superior horizontal orientation for proper nuetral bouyancy and ease of swimming

• Large wrap around air chamber under the divers arms and around their hips helps offset the forward roll effect of the back wing when the diver is fully inflated at the surface

• Large zippered storage pockets on each side for storage of diving essentials such as a SMB

• (2) Integrated removable weight pockets located on the front of the diver hold up to 10lbs in each

• (2) Non removable trim weight pockets located on the back of the BCD to aid in proper swimming position that hold up to 5lbs in each. 

• Hard plastic back plate padded with dense foam for superior scuba sytem  weight distrubution and diver comfort.

• Reflective panels on shoulders for high visibility

• Stainless Steel D-rings

• Depth compensating adjustable cummerbund

• Adjustable shoulder straps with quick release buckles

• Rapid pull dumps on lower hip, upper shoulder, and incorporated into corrugated inflator hose