DiveRite BC Integrated Octopus (Used)

DiveRite BC Integrated Octopus (Used)

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DiveRite BC Integrated Octopus

The Rite Source is both a BC inflation/deflation device and an alternate air source. The Rite Source comes with a lowpressure, high-volume inflator hose, corrugated, pull-dump hose, and the inflation/deflation/breathing device. The Rite Source is compatible with all Dive Rite first stage regulators and BCs. Specifications Corrugated hose: 16-inches with rapid exhaust pull dump LP hose: 27-inches with a high volume quick disconnect fitting and 3/8-inch threaded end Internal valve: Unbalanced downstream Buttons: Power inflation button, exhaust button, purge button


Features and functions

• Exhaust button (rectangular button): Used to deflate the BC

• Power inflation button (round button): Used to inflate the BC

• Purge button: Purges the regulator portion of the system

• Corrugated pull-dump hose: Vents air from the BC when pulled

• High-volume quick connect: Provides air from cylinder to inflate BC and breathe from the second stage regulator