XT1/XT2 Dive Rite Doubles Regulator Package

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XT2 Doubles Regulator Package

The best components come together for the best doubles regulator package.

Take the guesswork out of configuring your regulators for diving doubles with this streamlined regulator package. This package takes advantage of the highly rated XT regulator system to create a set of regulators you can rely on deep under the surface.

Tech Info

  • XT2 Second Stages (2) paired with XT1 First Stages (2).
  • 2-inch Tech Brass SPG available in imperial or metric.
  • This package includes a tech regulator necklace, 84 in (213.3 cm) Airflex LP hose, 22 in (56 cm) Airflex LP hose, 26 in (66 cm) Airflex HP hose, small stainless steel bolt snap with a hose clip retainer, and a medium stainless steel bolt snap with a hose clip retainer.
  • Comes with a carrying bag for transport to and from the dive site.
  • Note: This regulator package does not come with a LP inflator hose. A LP inflator hose comes with any Dive Rite wing.


The hose lengths and configuration used are based on a widely used configuration.  Individual divers may wish to modify the configuration to match personal preferences and diving styles.