Seac F1 S Fins

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The F1S is a professional high performance scuba fin.

Finish blade is made of a compound of Ultralight Flex technopolymer, responsible for high impact resistance in the water of the fin even at low temperatures. The open shoe is made of a combination of thermoplastic technopolymers and elastometers that make the foot comfort comfortable, making it easy to fit and adjust to the foot thanks to the Sling Strap System. The best F1S immersion performance is also given by the design of the fin designed with stabilizer drifts and an integrated chassis that best fits the foot allowing maximum maneuverability and thrust. Available in several F1S color variants is the best scuba diver companion of discoveries and underwater adventures.


  • Sling Strap System
  • Ribbing protectors to guarantee longer life
  • Anti-slip system carefully designed to work in all positions