HOG Zenith Second Stage

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HOG Zenith series pneumatically balanced adjustable 2nd stages are the next evolution of
the original Classic 2nd stage. The Zenith utilizes improved materials and a more
advanced cover design. These improvements provide greater performance, ease of use
and durability while still beating the competition in terms of price and value. The Zenith
second stage has an improved exhaust cover, silicone soft touch purge assembly and a
current flow dispersing front cover. These designs all make the Zenith reach new levels of
performance while creating a striking image. A style that is sure to catch the attention of
your fellow divers.

Available in Chrome or Black

  • Multi-position air flow control lever and deflection vane.
  • 2oz impact and crush resistant composite regulator case.
  • Current dispersing front cover with soft touch silicone purge insert.
  • Optional Colored Purge Inserts for cusomizing your 2nd stage look. (Part # HOG0518-X)
  • Composite Ergonomic Silicone Mouthpiece.

Zenith Black 2nd Stage

  • Full Black Zinc Chromate Air Barrel and cover trim ring.
  • Black Zinc Chromate  Fine Tune external breathing resistance adjustment knob.