Dive Rite XT2 Advanced Open Water Regulator Package

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XT2 Advanced Open Water Regulator Package

Get the most out of your dive with this streamlined and efficient regulator setup.

The XT2 Advanced Open Water configuration brings a technical approach to recreational diving. This package is made up of Dive Rite’s high performance XT1 First Stage and a matched set of balanced XT2 Second Stages. Thanks to its’ optimal hose routing, there are no dangling hoses to get snagged during your dive.

Tech Info

  • XT1 First Stage with an XT2 Second Stage with a carbon fiber cover and a XT2 Second Stage with a yellow cover.
  • Primary XT2 Second Stage Regulator routed under the diver’s arm on a 40-inch flex hose with an angled adapter.
  • Backup XT2 Second Stage Regulator on a 22-inch flex hose with a necklace so it can be accessed quickly if necessary.
  • 2-inch Tech Brass SPG on a 30-inch flex hose is made to be attached to the waist or chest D-ring for easy viewing.
  • Comes with a carrying bag for transport to and from the dive site.
  • Available in yoke or DIN.